Why We Started Dollar Divas

We started Dollar Divas as a way to support women like ourselves. We craved community and felt that there was a huge lack of resources geared towards those of us trying to find our own way of doing things in male dominated industries

Meet the Divas

Jen Paterson

CEO & Co-Founder

I’m a Mom, Financial Expert, corporate wife and full time Dollar Diva.

Saira Waters

COO & Co-Founder

I’m a Realtor by day and Dollar Diva by night.

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Managing Money as a Boss Babe: The one small step to take that can transform your business and life
I have this friend, she’s had her own business since 2012 and for many years just kept everything in one
Getting a Grip on Investment Fees
When you are considering investing, how much you have to pay can be confusing. Investing fees are a multifaceted entity
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